Wayne Bent

Wayne has been with the team almost from the start and is still an active search technician himself, as well as being part of the search management team. The Search Manager co-ordinates all the resources available and provides scenario based planning of the search dividing the search area into high, medium and low probability sectors based on previous missing persons behaviour statistics. The Search Manager records all information coming back from the teams and liaises with other agencies such as police, HM Coastguard, RAF Search and Rescue etc. to ensure that no stone is left unturned during a search. Although MisPer searches make up the majority of the teams work CamSAR also provides many other services to the category one responders above and beyond our initial training. Despite the immense pressure and responsibility put on the Search Manager during a search I find it extremely satisfying to know that I have played a part in locating a vulnerable missing person. I have a title but am just one member of an amazing team