About Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue

CamSAR is a member unit of Lowland Rescue. We align with Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, HM Coastguard, RNLI and other Search and Rescue services of the UKSAR Operators Group, and our area covers everywhere “From Hill to High Water”.

As a Lowland Rescue team, we provide Cambridgeshire Constabulary with an emergency specially-trained team in the search for vulnerable missing persons. A vulnerable missing person could be a child, an elderly person living with dementia or even someone who is considering taking their own life. In each case, an emergency response is vital.

CamSAR is able to deploy various specialist resources including water-based search teams, bike search teams and trackers. The team is able to operate a fully self-sufficient search with its own radio communications, equipment, IT and mapping facilities and welfare support.

Nationally qualified Search Planners locate and prioritise search sectors; Operations Managers co-ordinate and deploy equipment and personnel; Search Managers oversee the entire operation, co-ordinating with Police and other agencies for intelligence and resources such as Police or Coastguard helicopters, and ensuring that shift and succession-planning is in place for extended searches.

On the ground, Search Technicians and Team Leaders apply thoroughly drilled skills, knowledge and experience to search assigned sectors of all terrains efficiently and take care of the missing person when they are found.

All of these people are professional and all of them are volunteers.